Al'ab wa-Atadhakkar - Harufi al-Abjadiyah

Al'ab wa-Atadhakkar - Harufi al-Abjadiyah

Publisher: Dar el hadaek
Author: Mahidli, Nabiha äÈíåÉ ãÍíÏáí
Barcode 9786144390511
AED 33.6
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Product Description

ألعب وأتذكر - حروفي الأبجدية
Board Cards 'I play and remember - my alphabet'. A set of 64 cards, 2 for each Arabic letter plus full alphabet and game cards. The child will have fun in the discovery of letters and sets, each letter with a colorful decoration and word demonstrating the letter - More than one game can be played, the most important game is in remembering and matching, with a goal of developing and activating memory and helping focus. By: Mahidli, Nabiha نبيهة محيدلي Language: Arabic Format: Board Cards Pages: 64 Board Cards Publisher: Hadaek Group, Beirut, 2016 Size: 11 x 15 cm Box / 10 x 7 cm Cards ISBN: 9786144390511 Topic: Children's Arabic Alphabet Cards - Ages 2+